KittenNFT — A New Fair NFT Design with Adjustable Speculative Factor

  1. Alice buys the NFT for 1 ETH.
  2. Bob buys the NFT from Alice for 2 ETH.
  • Alice gets his 1 ETH back, plus a profit of 2*0.1 = 0.2 ETH.
  • Bob is always able to “return” the NFT to the contract, and gets a refund of 2*0.9 = 1.8 ETH.
  • Bob gets 1.8 + 5*0.1 = 2.3 ETH.
  • Carol is always able to “return” the NFT for 5*0.9 = 4.5 ETH.
  • Carol gets 4.5 + 5.1*0.1 = 5.01 ETH.
  • Dave is always able to “return” the NFT for 5.1*0.9 = 4.59 ETH.
  1. In the beginning, set x = 0 (or a low value). Moreover, always allow other traders to take the NFT if they pay a higher price.
  • This eliminates gas wars, because there is no extra benefit being the first buyer (unlike usual distribution methods), and all that matters is who pays the highest price in the end.




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Kitten Finance

Kitten Finance

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