KittenSwap (8): Synthetic Asset & Leverage using Chainlink feed

1. Suitable for long-term holding. No time decay.

It is known that usual BULL & BEAR leverage tokens are not suitable for long-term holding, because their values decay over time. This is solved in our design.

2. No liquidation.

Moreover, there is no liquidation in our design, because the price of our leverage token is always above zero.

3. Liquidity without LP. No slippage. Unlimited Liquidity.

Because we are using the oracle feed to guide the pricing, there is no need for any LP, and traders can enjoy unlimited liquidity.

4. Balancing the position. Incentives. Details.

If the $ value of outstanding BULL token is close to the $ value of outstanding BEAR token, then the leverage factors of both tokens are close to the target.



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