LIQUIDv2 Preview (1): Lending and Flash Loan using the Price Floor

1. Benefits for LIQUID: Less Selling, Easier Buying

  • BEFORE: spot a new token -> sell LIQUID for some ETH to ape in
  • AFTER: spot a new token -> lock LIQUID for some ETH to ape in
  1. Provide 0.9 ETH.
  2. Flash-borrow 1.1 ETH.
  3. Buy 10 LIQUID using 2 ETH.
  4. Lock 10 LIQUID for 1.1 ETH.
  5. Payback 1.1 ETH.

2. Benefits for Lender: Risk-free High Yields

  1. Lock ETH to mint KittenETH, which are yield-bearing.
  2. Send KittenETH back to contract, and receive ETH+profit.
  3. Lock x LIQUID and receive x * price_floor ETH.
  4. Send x * price_floor_new ETH back to contract, and receive x LIQUID.

3. Road towards LIQUIDv2




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