Shadow: a Cross-chain Interest Rate Market (or, cross-chain yield farming)

Guide for users:

  1. Switch Metamask to ETH Ropsten.
  2. Open and switch to ETH Ropsten.
  3. Deposit TestCoin or Ropsten ETH to the contract. You can withdraw them at any moment. Everything is gas efficient.

Guide for validators:

  1. We are testing the contract, so there is no collateral requirement. Simply deposit 0.042 Ropsten ETH in one tx to the contract and I will add you as a validator when I see such tx.
  2. Switch MetaMask and KittenFinance to ETH Ropsten.
  3. Find incoming tokens and users using Etherscan (later there will be tools to do everything for you).
  4. Click [Check deposit] for the token and the user:



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